Clinical internship for our instructor with HEMS Hungary


Geschreven door: Chris Dupont

mei 6, 2019

In april one of our instructors did a clinical internship with the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) in Budapest, Hungary.

During this internship he did several trauma and medical calls with critical wounded or ill patients.

Our instructor worked together with the doctor and paramedic of the HEMS – team, and with the local ambulance crews. Together they provided critical care to the patients and transported them to the most suitable hospital for their injuries or illness.

This internship was possible because our instructor is a certified critical care & flight paramedic, and he could do techniques that are not possible in his own country.

He did this to get more clinical and practical experience, and so to use it during the courses.

We, as company, are really committed that our instructors have real world work experience and follow practical internships and courses in Belgium and abroad. We go for quality for our students!

As training center we are convinced that only instructors from the field of work, who do what they teach, are the best choice for our students.

With us you don’t going to find someone who teach right after following a course and without any practical experience in that field of work.

Sadly you find a lot of companies (also very well know big companies), who for example teaches Special Forces medical protocols in their courses with instructors who are never been a Special Forces medic and never done those protocols themselves in real missions.

Or teach all kind of medical and non – medical techniques in their own country and abroad, without doing those things themselves in real circumstances.

This sadly also to several government organizations.

We on the other hand have enough experience in our company for the courses we give, or search a specialist in the subject to teach it to our students.

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