Medical Center at the racetrack Circuit Zolder

This unique location, with his rich history, is suited as an emergency department.  We are giving here very realistic courses without interfering with the daily work and the real patients of your emergency department.

The training given, is the treatment from the streets to the stabilization at the emergency department, besides theoretical sessions.


What could we do here?

  • wide a variety of mock incidents;
  • driving to the incident site;
  • approach of the incident (trauma or medical call);
  • radio communication & the communication with the emergency department;
  • transport from the location to the emergency department (with his pitfalls) & briefing;
  • the stabilization of the patient(s) at the emergency department;
  • how to do interhospital transport of critical ill patients;
  • exercises with other agencies;

We adapt the training to the needs of your department or agency. So that your students are getting a good practical training, besides a theoretical background.

A big advantage of the racetrack of Zolder is his connection to major motorways. In the immediate vicinity there are the E313 and the E314 motorway. It is located 35 km from the Netherlands,  45 km from Germany and 100 km from Luxembourg and France.
There are also various possibilities for catering and overnight stay in the area. We are happy to help you with this.
And there is a parking area at the location itself.

Contact us at for more information.

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