Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) team

We deliver for your service, intercampus transport, events or humanitarian operations a “Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) team”. This is an advanced trauma & critical care team that travels by helicopter. From 2013 we have experience in this kind of work, mainly abroad.

Due the fact that the medical team travels by helicopter, they could respond faster to incidents and cover a lot more distance than regular ground teams. Also if the helicopter has transport capabilities the critical ill patient is faster in the hospital than by road, so the survival rate is higher. Or when the area is hard to travel by road and for ‘search and rescue (SAR)’ missions, a helicopter could be a solution.

We make sure that the team consist of an experienced & certified flight paramedic (FP-C) and an experienced prehospital physician. Our flight paramedic is also a registered emergency nurse with extensive experience in the world of emergency and prehospital medicine, and has more training and experience for this kind of work.

Because we don’t depend on a particular helicopter rental business, you are free to choose a vendor you want. We could help you with this, looking at your and our demands (only first response, transport capabilities or not, …)

If you want an experienced medical team to look after your event medically from the sky or to do intercampus transports by air, contact us!

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