Critical Care & Flight Specialist course


Our Critical Care & Flight Specialist course prepares you to give the best & advanced (invasive) treatment on scene or during transport – by road of by air – to or between hospitals.

This is the first & only IBSC approved review course in the Benelux!

The training staff are all experienced critical care and prehospital professionals. You learn to do a patient assessment and give invasive treatments outside the hospital. You also get tips & tricks, straight from the street.

If you want you can do your IBSC examen to obtain your International certification as critical care and/or flight paramedic.

Why follow this course?

We strongly believe that a well trained, fully equipped, well staffed and a confident transport team has a huge impact on the outcome of the patient.

We get this with a comprehensive training and an examination with certification.

By combining theoretical lectures and practical skill labs with scenario’s during the course we give you a comprehensive theoretical background, but also solid practical skills. Self-study is mandatory.

The course

The course runs from 8 am till 6 pm.

  • Module 1
    • Safety
    • Airway, anesthesia & analgesic (with RSI, surgical airway, capnography, …)
  • Module 2
    • Lab & interpretation of blood gases
    • Problems with the airway
    • Ventilator settings
    • Thoracic problems (with cardiac tamponade, tension pneumothorax, hemothorax, …)
    • Needle decompression, finger thoracostomy, pericardiocentesis, …
  • Module 3
    • Cardiac: Anatomy, physiology and problems
    • Hemodynamic monitoring with arterial line management
    • Interpretation of 12 afl ECG
    • Cardiac pacing, synchronized cardioversion and medication
  • Module 4
    • Type of strokes, assessment and management
    • Symptoms and treatment of head injuries and spinal cord injuries
    • Elevated intracranial pressure and monitoring
    • Medication for the neurologic patient
    • Maternal, delivery & postpartum problems, medication
    • Fetal circulation & monitoring
    • Anatomical & physiological differences between a neonate and a child
  • Module 5
    • Congenital problems
    • Pediatric assessment
    • Pediatric & neonatal resuscitation
    • Common medical & trauma emergencies in a pediatric setting
    • Pediatric pharmacology
    • Vascular acces & isolette use in transport
  • Module 6
    • Predicting injuries by the mechanism of injury & trauma scoring systems
    • Management of the critical trauma victim, fluid replacement & blood products
    • Burns
    • Trauma scenario training
  • Module 7
    • Flight physiology
    • Flight safety, approach of an aircraft
    • Working in an aircraft, communication
    • Scenario training of the whole course
  • Examination day
    • IBSC CCP-C and/or FP-C exam (minimal 10 candidates)

For who?

  • Paramedics with at least 1 year experience
  • Nurse (preferabel with a special degree in critical, intensive care or emergency medicine) with at least 1 year experience in an acute setting (intensive care, emergency care, prehospital car)
  • Doctor
  • Recommended a certificate of ALS, ATLS, ETC, PHTLS, ITLS, PALS, EPLS and/or AMLS
  • Understand and could read English
  • Willing to do self-study


  • Module 1: TBA
  • Module 2: TBA
  • Module 3: TBA
  • Module 4: TBA
  • Module 5: TBA
  • Module 6: TBA
  • Module 7: TBA



Course book


There are two possibilities to do an exam:

  • Written exam  (if approved by IBSC and minimal 10 candidates)
  • Computer-based exam, where you have to register yourself through the Prometric website

Caution! You have to register separately for the critical care paramedic exam and the flight paramedic exam. With one registration you can’t do the two exams!  

If registered for both exams, you can do them on the same day.
You get 2,5 hours for one exam. 


  • certificate of participation;
  • educational hours for nurses with a special degree in intensive care & emergency care;
  • IBSC accreditation only after following the whole course


  • The whole course (7 days): 1700 euro
    • Sandwich lunch included
  • Per module (1 – 7): 250 euro
    • Sandwich lunch included

Mail to

Write CCP + which module(s) or the whole course + your full name + function (paramedic, nurse, doctor, …) + place where you work.

We send you the details for the payment.
Your registration is definitive after paying a deposit (1/2 of the full price). The deposit is non-refundable.

A certification of participation is given after the module and if the payment is fulfilled before hand.
Accrediation from IBSC only after following the whole course and if the payment is fulfilled before hand.
Participation for the exams is only possible if the payment is fulfilled before hand.


For more information, contact us at

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