ASHI High-Performance CPR

CPR guidelines define the most effective way to perform CPR. Yet there is a gap in quality between recommended guidelines and actual performance by most providers.


This course closes this gap and teaches you to work efficiently together with other providers.

High-Performance CPR is a simple concept: Improve the performance of CPR through high-quality skills, along with a practiced team approach, and the chance for survival improves.

Minimum prerequisite

  • current certification in adult CPR and AED or BLS

Course topics

  • quality makes a difference;
  • high-quality chest compressions;
  • high-quality rescue breaths;
  • multiple-provider CPR;
  • tips and tricks to improve CPR performance;
  • high-performance CPR;
  • maintaining readiness

Certification period

  • 2 years

Course length

  • 2 hours

Student/instructor ratio

  • 10/1
  • minimum of 6 students

Student material

  • ASHI High-Performance CPR student book

Date & location

  • TBA


Required for successful completion

Written evaluation

  • optional, except when required by organizational, local, or state regulation

Performance evaluation

  • all students must perform required skills competently without assistance

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